Guitar Lessons in Warwick

Welcome to my website! Steve Rogers here (often referred to as Captain America!) offering you guitar lessons in Warwick, in the comfort of your own home and all at affordable prices without compromising on the tuition itself.

During my years playing the guitar I have been asked many times to provide guitar lessons and I have done so to all ages from two 7 years old twin girls in Sydney, Australia to a Police Sergeant in Stratford on Avon!

I also gave guitar lessons to a BBC producer before he joined the BBC and he now plays the guitar for relaxation after a hard day in the studio!

The guitar is such a wonderfully easy instrument to travel with and I’ve found myself giving guitar lessons to French villagers near to Limoges.

I find myself giving guitar lessons to members of the various bands that I have had the immense pleasure to play in over the years.

The guitar can provide so much pleasure, relaxation, joy, fun and satisfaction all of which I have experienced and these are the reasons for my desire to give those same experiences and emotions by providing guitar lessons to you in the comfort of your own home.

I remember as a 7 years old child visiting my grandmother’s  home in Birmingham and sneaking into her cold dining room and finding my uncle’s guitar and being caught strumming it mesmerised!

My hope is to ignite that same passion in you during the guitar lessons and thereafter. So if you want to finds out more about guitar lessons in Warwick then just get in touch.